Savage, MN Newborn Photographer | In-Home and Minimalist Newborn Photography

I feel like I'm always so behind on blogging. But I'm making time today to get another in-home session up on the blog. This session was a bit different as I generally don't hold minimalist newborn sessions in clients homes. But I make exceptions sometimes. So here's a session with a mix of my typical in-home lifestyle newborn photography and minimalist newborn photography. 

These three were just the sweetest and I'm so happy to have met them. 

Newborn sessions book months in advance and I take a limited amount of sessions each month.  Contact me to learn more; I'd love to document one of life's greatest moments for you.

 I thought brother was coming over to help feed baby. Nope, I was wrong lol.

I thought brother was coming over to help feed baby. Nope, I was wrong lol.


White Bear Lake, Minnesota Maternity and Newborn Photographer | Bald Eagle Lake Winter Maternity Session

Not even the sub-zero temps (we're talking -27 here) stopped Samantha and Zach from scheduling a maternity session. It took me all day to warm back up but the sunrise was beautiful and walking out onto Bald Eagle Lake was just fun, even if it was cold out. 

Don't let the cold hold you back from a winter session. We take breaks with our coats on. And there's always blankets. We live in Minnesota and doing a winter session will be something you remember forever. It's not only unique but our winters are incredibly beautiful too. 


Minneapolis MN Newborn Photographer | Natural Minimalist Newborn Photography

I've been wanting to repaint my newborn studio for some time and make some other changes. Well, I finally pushed myself, with the help of one of my besties, and I got it done over Christmas break. Just in time for Baby C's newborn session. 

I'm so in love with how the studio turned out and am so excited for all the future sessions I'm lining up. I painted all the walls a fresh soft white and I added a beautiful black metal bed that is perfect for some lifestyle shots with your new baby. What I love about this style of newborn photography is that it's very pure and natural. Poses are very organic and everything I do puts the focus on baby and your connection with him or her. 

If you're pregnant and considering newborn photos, I'd love to talk with you.




Stillwater, Minnesota Wedding Photographer | Sam and Sierra's Wedding at Trellis Outdoor Ceremonies and Stillwater River Boats

It's forever my goal to strike a balance of candid images and beautiful lifestyle and fine art portraiture; and I really think this garden wedding (Trellis Outdoor Ceremonies) and river boat reception (Stillwater River Boats) was a perfect example of me accomplishing that goal.  I think when you lock a couple hundred people on a yacht together for four hours, it's bound to be a REALLY good time. Combine that with one of the best bands I've seen at a wedding, good food, lots of liquor, and a crowd who LOVED to dance and it makes for some of the best pictures. 



Minneapolis, MN Newborn Photographer | In-Home Newborn Photography Session

I'm not sure if I've ever seen as much sibling love as I did at this recent in-home newborn session. Big sister was all about helping with baby brother. She loved helping to sooth him and she had so many things she wanted to do with her little brother for photos. It was maybe the most adorable things I've ever witnessed and I'm so happy I was able to be there to document this incredibly special moment in this family's life. 


Saint Petersburg, Florida Wedding Photographer | Get Real Workshop

If you know me at all, you know that I'm always striving for more; I want to be and do better at everything I set out to do in life. The applies to my photography more than maybe anything in my life. I want so much for my business and even more so, for my clients. Because the photographs we take, the one's we print, they're our legacy. They keep our memories alive and they keep us alive for others, after we're grown or gone. It's important to me. And especially now, since I've left my full-time cubicle job, it's important to my business and therefore my family. So it was time to find a workshop that would help me grow not only as a wedding photographer, but also as a business owner. 

I knew the time for a workshop was coming, and I'd always said that if Austin Trenholm ever decided to hold a wedding workshop, I'd be the first one to sign up. So of course when Austin announced the Get Real Workshop in Florida this last September, I signed up right away. And it was worth every penny. I learned so much about running a business and smart business practices. I know it was a photography workshop but Austin could be teaching business principles to anyone out there. It was inspiring and I came away with so many things that are already benefiting myself and my clients. 

I can't wait to get back to Florida and am looking forward to booking some weddings down there in the future. Until then, enjoy the beauties I took at the workshop.


Minnesota Newborn Photographer | In-Home Brainerd Lifestyle Session

Did you know I offer two types of newborn sessions? Minimalist and Lifestyle. I'm in the middle of making my website clearer on this but well, it's peak wedding season so that's on hold :)

Lifestyle newborn sessions can be done at anytime after baby arrives although sometime in the first 4 months is ideal since you still want to capture all those baby rolls. These sessions are all about documenting your life as a family. You'll get a gallery full of authentic moments that tell the story of YOU.

Sessions take place either on-location your home, outdoors, or another location of your choosing.

I'd love to meet you!

~ Kelly


Minnesota Wedding Photographer | Tanya and Dan's Park and CrossFit Engagement Photos

I'm not going to lie, when Tanya and Dan brought up doing part of their engagement session at a the CrossFit gym Dan works at, I felt a little out of my comfort zone. Not because I don't like CrossFit, but I wasn't exactly sure I was going to incorporate it in a way that wouldn't come off as cheesey or posey. Because there's nothing I like less than cheesey, unless it's real cheese. I LOVE real cheese. Like gouda. Or baked brie. Or mozzarella sticks.

But cheese and photography just don't mix well and I knew that if I didn't do it right, it could look like cheese all up in that gym. So I really sat on it and decided I needed to just approach it like I do every other non-studio session. Photojournalism. I knew that if I stayed true to who they were as a couple and gave them things to do but with the room to be themselves, that it would end up looking authentic. And I think we achieved that.

I'm in love with this session. Both the outdoors and the gym. They're totally different but I think both are totally Tanya and Dan. They're both so in love and I think that totally came across in their pictures. They have a joy about them that just shines in every moment. At one point, they even sang a little bit to each other. And I completely LOVE couples like that!


Minnesota Newborn Photographer | Bennett's Studio Natural Newborn Session

Pure and natural newborn session coming to you from my in-home studio in White Bear Lake, MN.

Studio Newborn Sessions are minimalist in nature and feature pure white back drops and white or neutral swaddles. I do this so that focus is on baby instead of props and distracting colors. Posing is still very natural and is lead by baby. I take my time with each baby so parents don't feel hurried and baby is comfortable.

I do carry a small selection of headbands and bonnets for girls. And I'm also now offering a simple and natural botanical session as seen below. Botanical sessions are only available as an add-on to an existing Studio Newborn Session.

I only take a VERY limited amount of newborns who are due each month so you'll want to book in advance to secure your session.

Contact us for more details or to book.

Beehive swaddle by Baby Bare Essentials.


Minnesota Motherhood Sessions | Minneapolis, Minnesota Photographer

I'm super excited to start offering sessions that focus on the beauty of motherhood. Like most of my work, these sessions are mostly documentary in nature and are meant to capture the love between a mother and her littles or not so littles. Sessions can take place in my beautiful natural light studio or on-location.

Sessions are currently $295 but as introduction to these sessions, I'm holding Motherhood Mini Sessions in April and May just in time for Mother's Day. Check out details at I never do mini sessions so this is a great time to get yours booked!


Cecilia's Lifestyle Newborn Photography | Minneapolis, MN

Meet Cecilia! Mom and I have known each other since we were kids in high school and I'm so happy for her and her beautiful family.

Lifestyle newborn sessions can be done either inmy new studio in Minneapolis or in your home. These sessions are all about the story and zero posing. It's the perfect way to beautifully capture the love shared between parents and baby in an authentic and emotional way.

Swaddle by Baby Bare Essentials.


 Look at how tiny Cecilia is in dad's hands!

Look at how tiny Cecilia is in dad's hands!

 She smiles :)

She smiles :)

 The sneezes are my favorite!

The sneezes are my favorite!

New Studio Space!

I'm super excited to share that I'm signing a lease on a new studio space in Minneapolis! I'll be there one day each month so space will be limited. I'll keep you all posted on the dates I'll be doing studio sessions so keep an eye on my Facebook page or the blog.

Open for family sessions, child portraits, cake smash, boudoir, business lifestyle, and engagement sessions.

**Newborn sessions will continue to be held in my home studio in White Bear Lake.**

I'll be at the studio the following dates:

Saturday, February 11th

Saturday, March 25th

A few portraits in the new studio space...

Minnesota Wedding Photographer | Dave & LizzIe at Pioneer Park & Saint Croix Boat and Packet in Stillwater, MN

Dave and Lizzie's wedding in historic downtown Stillwater, MN

Bridal Preparations: Water Street Inn, Stillwater, MN

Ceremony: Pioneer Park, Stillwater, MN

Reception: Saint Croix Boat and Packet, Stillwater, MN

There was so much to love about this wedding but here's a breakdown of my favorite wedding details: Chief (the pug), Lizzie's dress!, the flowers because I have a major thing for real flowers, the venues (a riverboat, c'mon!), and the wind. The wind adds some extra personality and emotion to an already super fun and loving couple.


Minnesota Family Photographer | Beyond Fall Family Photos

Don't worry, fall isn't the only time to get family photos done.  

I get it. Fall is beautiful. Fall is jeans and sweaters and cute scarves. And yes, I know, pumpkin everything. But I have tons of ideas for your family outside of that! What I love about family photojournalism is that we can do anything! 

So let's get creative together, because life in Minnesota is beautiful outside of Fall! I'm thinking Christmas tree cutting. Tree farms are some of the prettiest places for a photo session. Or how about a family snowball fight or building a snow fort or sledding this winter? Ice fishing anyone?

Hate cold weather? That's fine too! There's still movie night and bedtime stories and blanket forts. Christmas cookie baking. Pillow fights. Cooking a family dinner. The possibilities are endless.  


I truly want to document your family and your beautiful life. I want to capture the souls of your family, and we can do that anytime of the year. So let's think beyond the poses and get creative together.  

Contact me to schedule a personal consultation. 

Name *

Product changes

When I started my business a year and a half ago I thought the only business model left was one where I charged a flat rate, sent your files, and didn't talk to you again for a year. I thought that's what everyone did these days. I thought the art of the film business was gone. I was wrong. Let me explain.

Historically speaking, the business model has always been to do the photo session and then meet later to take your print order. A photographer never handed over their negatives. After the digital camera arrived, the flat-rate business model became a thing, better known as the shoot and burn model - take pictures, edit, deliver files, done. Little did I know that many, if not most, successful businesses don't shoot and burn but instead follow the classic business model.

As I grow as a photographer, I also want to grow as a business. Not just in client base but in my brand too - who I am as a business and what services and products I provide. As I think about my work, one thing really saddens me - I think most of my clients never actually print their photos. They might share some on Facebook but they often die there. And I'm not doing all of this for Facebook. I'm doing it for your kids, for your everyday soul, for your grandkids, for your legacy, for beauty, and for my pure love of each moment captured.  I'm doing this because I want to be in business in five or ten years. I'm doing this because my grandpa has his wedding portrait on display in the dining room. He gets to look at my grandma, who is now gone, every single day. He gets to look and remember the day they committed their lives to each other. His house is filled with pictures of her, their children, their grandchildren, and their great-grandchildren. I want THAT for you.  I LOVE making a photo that speaks to me, and hopefully it does to you too. And it breaks my heart for them to die on your hard drive.

So I asked myself why people weren't printing their photos. And I came up with a ton of reasons (none good) but the biggest one dawned on me recently; I've realized it's my fault. It's my job as a photographer to not just take your photos but it's to see the process to completion. My work doesn't end at your photo session; I still cull and edit and deliver your gallery. But I realize I shouldn't be stopping there either. Many of you want beautiful quality artwork to display to be actually seen. Maybe even every day. Maybe even by your grandkids. Because let's face it,  Facebook isn't forever. It's probably not even for ten years. Gasp. And choosing artwork to display in your home can be overwhelming. And designing an album can be time-consuming and might not look very professional when you're done. It might even look cheesy. And consumer labs aren't all very good. Products fall apart or show up looking like junk. 

So I've decided to change my business model. I want you to have a beautiful wall gallery of memories. I want you to have a coffee table book that your friends and family will page through when they're over. And no, the $20 album from that online lab isn't what I'm talking about here. I'm not doing all of this to just create a digital file no one ever looks at. So stay tuned for upcoming changes to my business.

And in the meantime, to my past clients, I love you all and want you to have the same opportunity for your previous sessions. Plus this will give me a chance to see what you all like in a product and my approach before I full commit to a process. So I'd love to meet up (your house or mine or coffee) and help you design and purchase a wall gallery or prints or an album. Christmas is coming up and I promise you, this is a gift everyone loves. And I really truly believe you'll love and appreciate this.  

Shoot me an email and I'll send you some information and let's set a date! 

Love Always,