The Photographer

Hi, I'm Kelly Morin, owner and principle photographer at The Lemon Rose Photography. Before starting The Lemon Rose Photography, I was a hobbyist photographer since I was very young. I practically grew up with a camera in my hand, photographing the entire world around me. My mom was a photographer for over 30 years so cameras were an every day part of life. Someday I'm going to scan some of my favorites and post them here.

After growing up mostly in Minnesota, I spent some time in Hawaii and then Colorado. I've been married to my sweetheart, Wade, for 12 years and we have three LOUD and energetic kids. Wade is often my second shooter at weddings and my love of photography has definitely spread to him. He's got some natural talent!

While my career has long been in Accounting and IT, my brother asked me to photograph his wedding. I wasn't sure I was capable of posing people but I agreed to do it anyways. And I loved it immediately! I started studying photography more in depth and opened The Lemon Rose a few months later. My only regret is not doing this 10 years ago!

Our Philosophy

What I love about photography can be summed up in one word - Storytelling. I find so much beauty in the in between moments. Some of my favorite pictures are the ones I take just before someone is ready for their picture, or just after they think they're finished. I want the photos I take to evoke emotion. I want to capture more than the smiles, I want to take pictures that capture your beautiful souls and the beautiful world you live in.

I also love film. Film is beautiful and it's classic. So all of my editing emulates film to a large degree. I want you to love your pictures when you get them and I want you to love them in 30 years. Film and film emulation is timeless and will always be on trend.